August 28, 2013

Noonday Blog Train

Today's a big day! If you are visiting my blog for our Noonday Blog Train, welcome! So glad to have you! Today Noonday Collection launches our New Fall Line and so we are starting a Blog Train where 34 Noonday Ambassadors have come together to have a giveaway each day! I'm excited to kick this off! So come and stay for a while. Read my story and enter to win a $50 gift voucher!

I just recently got back from Guatemala.
I had the incredible privilege of traveling with 9 other Noonday girls to meet up with our artisans there.
This business is a relational one.
As Ambassadors we are investing in the lives of many in developing countries that we have never met.
We link arms with each other to make change in the world, and we take those stories of change to you in hopes that you will use your purchasing power to advocate alongside of us.
Like I said, this is a relational business.

So when the 10 of us traveled to Guatemala to meet our artisans there for the first time.
To hug their necks, be in their homes and hear their stories first hand.... it only deepened relationships that had started 2 years ago for me.

The Noonday story is real.
These artisan stories are real.

When I met Ana, I had just traveled by boat about 45 minutes to get to her village of San Juan.
She greeted us with the warmest smile that never left her face.
She walked us to her workshop where her and 4 other women make our woven scarves.
We spent the morning hearing their stories and learning how they create their dyes, prepare their looms and hand weave our scarves.

After that we walked with these women, our friends to Ana's families house.
They had prepared a special meal for us and we ate together and watched the children play in the yard. Again, we continued to hear their stories of change and Ana's heart for her people.
She is their fearless leader.
That afternoon as we said goodbye, they gathered us around and each women spoke of how much Noonday means to them.
We heard women say...
"You are helping us rewrite the story for our children." and "Your orders bring us hope."
They had each woven a scarf as a gift for each of us.
And there were many tears as we hugged their necks, prayed together and said goodbye.

I've come back from this trip with a deepened relationship with our artisans.
I've seen their faces, played with their kids, stayed at their homes and heard their stories first hand.
And it has changed me.
Your purchases really do make a difference.
When you purchase through Noonday and wear your scarf, or necklace etc.,  you are wearing THEIR story.
It's a story of great hope.
A story of changing the world.

{photo credits: my sweet friend Paige Knudsen Photography}

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This will give you the opportunity to own and wear stories like Ana's.

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August 20, 2013

moments like these

Tonight's the night before their first day of Preschool. 
I have found myself staring at them extra long and soaking in each word the say. 
When did they get so old? 
I bathed them, put their pj's on and set them up in bed to read like we do every night. 

But tonight felt different. 
They are growing up so fast. 
I was doing just fine until this song came on...

That isn't the first time the perfect song has played randomly in the perfect moment for me. 
Does that happen to you too?
Well, I'm heading to bed now. 
I will wake up in the morning and send my two precious boys to school. 
I hope I continue to slow down and take in moments like these. 
Because the go by way too fast.