February 22, 2014

my noonday story...

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If today is the first day that you are joining us, I am following two rockstar ladies who I am lucky enough to call friends. Wynne wrote a great post about how Noonday is helping families adopt and McCall shared about our artisans and how much we truly have in common. They both still have giveaways going on so be sure to go enter!

But today I want to talk about our Ambassador Opportunity. I want to share with you the impact that God has made in my life through Noonday.

My Noonday Story:

God has been interweaving my story with Noonday from the very beginning. 

Five years ago, God was wrecking me.  For the first time, my husband and I realized that it was our responsibility to reflect God's heart for the poor, oppressed, fatherless and widow. A couple of years later, Noonday entered my world. I hosted one of the very first trunk shows to help raise money for our adoption and I fell in love. Noonday entered my life and was an answer to a stirring I had felt for a while. It made sense. Artisans hand making items that they are paid a fair and living wage for, Noonday selling it in the US marketplace allowing customers to participate in changing communities worldwide. I loved it. I loved that it so clearly reflected God's heart. I loved that it was sustainable. That artisans were not given a handout but had the dignity and pleasure of work. And I loved that we would be rewriting the story of poverty for them and their children. Together, we could make a difference. Together we could see world-change. So I became an avid customer and promoter. Soon after that Noonday launched their Ambassador program and I had the privilege of being the first Ambassador hired here in Austin. 

When I hosted my first trunk show as an Ambassador, 
I remember feeling that lives would be impacted by the work I was doing… 
I just had no idea that my life would be one of them. 

I feel like Noonday has unleashed me to a calling and enriched my life. And for that I will forever be grateful. So, how has Noonday impacted me? Well, I would prefer to take you to coffee and tell you story after story, but since that's not an option, here are the 4 major ways Noonday has impacted my life...

1. Adoption:

When I started with Noonday, Jake and I were adding a son to our family through adoption. We adopted him from Uganda and Noonday played a huge part in helping us bring him home. That of course had a significant impact on our family. I can't imagine our lives without our precious Enock! He is handsome, sharp, funny, stubborn and our son. But that's not all! Because our first Artisan Group was in Uganda, we got to meet them. Jalia and Daniel became our friends. By being a Noonday Ambassador, my entire job is to advocate for them, and other men and women like them.

Our family is able to invest in the country that gave us our son Enock. 
And that is amazing. 

I love that E sees what I do for a living and knows that I am playing a part in restoring communities where he is from. Priceless.

2. Artisans:

When I said yes to working for Noonday, I expected to play a significant part in helping create jobs in resource poor areas, but I didn't realize how real my relationships with the artisans would become. Spending time with Jalia, Daniel, Caleb, Bukenya and Coral, holding Bukenya and Coral's 2 week old baby girl, sitting in their homes, seeing where they work… it has changed me. Poverty was no longer just an issue… it was an issue effecting a person… a friend… MY friend.

I sat with Jalia just a couple of weeks ago, she had made her first visit to America as a result of Noonday, and we talked about how our lives intersected years ago. We teared up as we spoke of the mutual impact that has been made in both of our lives. We thanked God that our paths crossed 2.5 years ago. She is now out of poverty and championing on behalf of her community. She is making a HUGE difference where she lives and I get to be her friend.

When I first met Ana I could not help but smile. Her joy is contagious to all who are around her. She is single, a business owner, passionate about the women she employs and is working hard to see change in her community. I had the privilege to hug her neck, learn from her, eat with her and hear her story. Ana is no longer just one of our Guatemalan Artisans…. she is my friend. We are connected in a way that I never would have dreamed. I love that my job is to tell the stories of these amazing women and many, many more.

3. Ambassadors:

Let me just say, that in the last few years of saying yes to God, he has allowed me to run with some pretty amazing women. Many of them are from our Noonday Ambassador community. These girls are dear friends of mine. Girls who I have long texting threads with, girls who I turn to when I need prayer, advice or encouragement. Girls who know my heart, and my story, and I know theirs. These women sharpen me and encourage me in so many ways. Part of my job with Noonday is to know these women, and my life is so rich as a result.

4. Advocating:

Y'all, working for Noonday is seriously the best. job. ever. I get paid… like I'm able to help supplement my families income… by being an advocate for something I am passionate about. I get to do all of that while building friendships with our artisans and other Ambassadors worldwide. What a huge blessing it is that I can work hard to grow my Noonday business because my family needs my income, and because Jalia and Ana's families need theirs.

In our family we make a big deal about loving God and loving people and I love that my kids know that my job with Noonday is doing just that. They talk about how their mommy is going to a trunk show to sell things so that mamas around the world can feed their kids and send them to school. I love that.

So I've shared my Noonday story. Are you ready to join me? 
Would you like to join women nationwide in advocating for the poor and the oppressed? 
Would you like to have the best job ever? 
If so, here is a link where you can find out more information. Or, you can email me at krista@noondaycollection.com with any questions you might have. 
I hope you join our team!

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