October 22, 2011

Family Time

We are currently being serenaded by Celine Dion karaoke as we are writing this post. Needless to say, our life here is different, but proving quite memorable.

Well, we had great plans and pictures for this post, but the power is out once again! We do not have enough battery life to upload new pics from the camera, so here is a video to tie you over!
This was taken one week ago today. They boys have continued to play hard together ever since!

Today was our first day as an official family of 4. We went to a large market here and ate at a great restaurant for lunch. It felt great being out and being all together. We moved out of the orphanage and into another house last night. They boys are sharing a room and loving it. We are glad to be in a new house and trying to find a new normal for our last two weeks here.

Once again, it was so much fun for us to read all of your comments on our blog and facebook. It's hard having something so monumental happen and not be able to celebrate with friends and family. So, it is such a blessing to read your messages and know that you are celebrating with us half way across the world!

Tomorrow we hope to post some "brother pictures" and some pictures/video of our new crib! Hope you are all doing well! Until tomorrow...


  1. So excited for you all!!! Enjoy your family time as a new family of four!

  2. Krista, We are so excited for your family! Enock is so cute, and fits in well with you guys. Still praying! Love you guys so much!!

  3. I love seeing all the pictures of your new son. He is so cute. I am glad to hear that the two brother are having a great time together. Jaxson and I cannot wait to meet Enock.

  4. Looks like Jake won't have to work out anymore. He can just throw the kids around to get his workout! LOL. What a great video! Thanks for sharing it! We love you guys and are so glad you are bonding so well!

  5. It's so fun and exciting to get to "look through the window" and watch some of the beginning of your evolving family. Thank you so much for sharing!! Love you all and can't wait to see you!

  6. Loving those giggles! I bet you are such a proud mom and dad. So happy for you!


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