February 18, 2012

what we've been up to...

It's been so long since I've posted.
It feels so good to be writing right now.
Let me catch you up on what we've been up to.
Then... I will let you know what's coming this week!

First of all, I had much to write about this week, but both boys and I were under the weather. We spend our days cuddling, watching movies, and taking naps together.

Although I felt very unproductive, and I hate feeling unproductive, I cherished how close we were. I loved that we spent days within arms reach of each other. Someday my boys will not want to cuddle with me when they feel bad. So I will absorb each and every one of these moments and not regret it one bit.

Last weekend Jake and I spend a couple of nights in a hotel downtown. We have getaways like this often, but specifically at the beginning of each year we set aside time to get away and reflect on the past year and set goals on the next. We LOVE this time together. I always tell young couples that this is one of the best things we do for our marriage. We both look forward to it and feel much more encouraged and on the same page as we walk through the next year.

This year, we planned our time away around A Future and A Hope Adoption Conference. Our best friends the Hengsts and the Hunts went to the conference with us and stayed downtown that last night so we could debrief the conference together.

It was a great conference. Especially for those beginning to think about adoption or foster care. Jake and I have been to conferences like this alone before, and it was a dream to have two of our closest friends sitting there with us. I love seeing their hearts grow for the orphan!

It's been cold and rainy here the past few days. I am loving my new print. I haven't found the perfect place for it just yet, but even still it makes me smile.

We are all still a bit under the weather over here, but I am hoping for a healthier week next week. I have some BIG blog plans people! I have TWO big announcements and have been inspired by a couple of good friends to do my very first vlog (video blog). I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you guys very soon!

p.s. I've had many comments on how badly I need a new banner at the top of my blog. I mean, the chair should be filled by now. Hang in there. We are working on getting a date set with our photographer and will have the new blog layout/chair photo coming soon. I haven't forgotten!

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