March 27, 2012

superheros and noonday

This is the conversation I had with Camp the other day...

Camp: "Mommy, where are you?"
Me: "I'm in here. Mommy is getting ready for a Trunk Show tonight."
Camp: "A Trunk Show?"
Me: "Yes, there are other mommies and daddies all over the world who do not have food or money. Mommy sells things for them at Trunk Shows so they can take care of their kids."
Camp: "Oh... (long pensive pause)... Mommy? Are you a Superhero?"

How precious is that? He took the time to think about what I said, and in his 3 year old mind he understood that people needed help and in a way I was coming to their rescue. I love that.

The obvious answer to his question is no, I'm not a Superhero. (Although, I do like the sound of it. ) I'm no hero at all, but I am created in the image of the ultimate Superhero, am I not?

It is fascinating to me the things I see in my boys hearts that reflect their Creator. Something about being a rescuer, helper and protector is desirable to them. And I love that. They play games over and over where one is rescuing the other from a dinosaur/meteor/Zurg or just their dad or Golden Retriever who are chasing them around the house. Lately, they have even been praying before each rescue.... praying a sweet, 3 year old prayer that God will give them the strength to complete the task at hand. Love that.

We have a family mission.

About 2 years ago Jake and I spent a lot of time praying, dreaming, thinking and praying much more about what we wanted our family story to be about. What we wanted to live for. This is what we came up with...

"The Box family exists to partner with God in rescuing people from this broken world. "

We want to be a family that reflects God's heart to help the hurting, mend the broken and speaks the gospel to those who desperately need to know their Savior. We want to point people to the one who can really save.

So back to my conversation with Camp...

I love that when I explain my "job" to him, he sees our family mission. Every time I drive to a Trunk Show I pray that God would use me to speak for our artisans. He has given me the job to be their ambassador and I take that seriously. They work tirelessly to created a product... incredible product, that in their own country would not give them a sustainable living. But here... here in the US... as you buy their product, they not only make a living, but they have the opportunity to rise out of poverty and provide for their children what was never dreamed possible... health care, education, and a future.

Our artisans worked so hard on our Spring/Summer Collection this year. If you get a second, check out this look book that highlights them and their fashionable products. Also, if you too would like to be a voice for the voiceless with Noonday Collection, contact me. It's well worth your time.

Well, I have a full day of playing with my two precious superhero's! If you have kids, write a comment and let me know what they are playing these days. I hope you have a great Wednesday!


  1. I love that your family set a kind of mission statement. That's so Jake :) I wish we had done that way back when. Hopefully we will get the chance soon.

    My son plays with the XBox mostly but on rare occasions, we all play "Dirty Uno." You can google the rules and one day when they are playing card games, you'll love it! Also fun to play with adults. Check it out.

  2. Thanks Curtis! I look forward to being able to play card games with the boys! So much fun!

  3. What a sweet boy you have! I have felt so blessed to be introduced to so many "superheroes!" since starting with Noonday. What an inspiring bunch of women acting as His hands and feet!

  4. Thanks so much Hillary! I agree... so much fun working with all of you girls. Looking forward to meeting many of you in June!


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