January 24, 2015

where they go to grow up

Every so often my kids stumble out of their rooms in the morning, 
eyes all squinty as they process the light and I notice…

Somehow I tucked them in a little kid but the child who woke up seems much older.
Does this happen to you?

The other night as I was slipping into bed I heard Della call out my name from her room. 
She was fine, maybe a bad dream or maybe she woke up forgetting where she was, but I laid in bed with her regardless stroking her hair and singing Heavenly Day by Patti Griffin.

And in mid stroke my heart skipped a beat.

Her hair… 

when had it gotten so long? I see it every day but somehow, my baby girl was looking so big. As I laid there with her I began to wonder things like...

How many moments like this do I have left with her?
How many braids will I create with this hair?
How many late night talks will we have as I listen to her share her heart?
How many dreams will she have?
Who will be her first heartbreak?
And what will her dad do to that boy? ; )
Will pink always be her favorite color?
Where will her brave, determined nature take her?
How many will her comforting heart comfort?
What will her "awkward stage" look like?
And will I recognize that it is awkward?
Will her laugh always light up a room?
What is the story that God's writing with her life?
Will she forever have her brother's wrapped around her pinky?
Who is this precious girl that God is creating right before my eyes?
And why must she go to bed each night a baby and wake up a little girl?

I smiled and thanked God that I get to be her mom and a part of her story.
It truly is amazing that he would chose ME to care for such precious children.

May I have many more moments like those this year… 
taking the time to comb my child's hair, marvel at all that they are and dream of who they are becoming. 

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