November 17, 2011

finding a new normal... (or at least trying)

It feels so strange to not write a new post every day or so. A week and a half have gone by since we arrived at the airport and I love that I get to sit here and write this post.

Just so you know, I have a few posts in the works. Some I have begun writing but haven't published yet and some are still rattling around in my head. I am still processing many things we experienced in Uganda and now that I am getting my feet back under me, I look forward to sharing them with you.

But for now, here is a quick update on how we are doing since the airport...

I keep looking at this picture of us arriving home and get teary eyed every time. Home has never felt so good. I remember that feeling so vividly yet it already seems so far away.

Jetlag has finally left our household and we are slowly learning a new kind of normal. Enock is amazing. I have no idea what it must feel like to be abandoned at 2, live in an orphanage for several month, meet a strange white family who tells you they are your family, fly on an airplane that might as well be a space ship and arrive to a whole new world of new sights, new smells, new language and new friends. I think all of that would justify a pretty rough transition, but Enock is a champ. He is adjusting better than I could ever dream.

We are still taking one day at a time, and we have had our moments, but mostly he just seems to be overjoyed to be a part of a family and we are overjoyed to have him. He and Camp love each other dearly and the best part of my days are catching them hug, hold hands, share or call for each other. Nap times have been rough, but only because all I hear in the monitor for an hour are two boys talking and playing together. Pure joy.

Jake and I are doing well but trying to keep up with life. We both started work soon after we got home and are heading into a busy holiday season. I love my husband. I love that I get to be his teammate through our crazy life. For now, we are finding great comfort in late night talks on our back porch, playing with the boys and finding small breaks in the day to sit, read God's word and reflect on his incredible goodness.

In fact, this was my last 45 minutes. It was lovely.

(Granted... I should post a picture of the giant mountain of laundry I am avoiding... but who wants to see that right?)

I have a post coming soon of big things we are grateful for, but here are a few of the little things I find myself thankful for right now...

a big ol' mug of coffee with peppermint mocha creamer
this scarf (seriously my favorite thing in my closet right now)
my planner
target (I just sighed thinking about it)
and drive thru's

What little things are you thankful for right now?


  1. wow, God is so good, Krista. so happy for you and so thrilled to hear how things are going. blessings, sweet friend.

  2. Love "back porch talks" - good picture of nurturing a relationshop
    I see that scarf...I will have one soon!
    Thankful for faithfulness of God and an opportunity in Thanksgiving to celebrate how he cares for us...

  3. Krista, this post shows me that God has been answering our prayers! I LOVE that God is helping Enock transition well. I LOVE that he and Camp would rather play than sleep. I can't imagine the conversations they will one day have. God is moving in mighty ways!! I am thankful I get to witness this!!

    Love you friend!!

  4. Jake & Kristen,
    With all the stuff on the .net and in the news, it is so refreshing to open a site on the web and find your postings and pictures. You guys put a tangible face to what God’s word tells us is available to us when we put Him front and center of our lives. Reading your postings is the highlight of my day. I cannot imagine how you manage the time to do all that is required of you but thank you for taking the time to post. Love you guys and cannot wait to see all of you.
    Love you,

  5. Awesome! I can't wait to hear more about Enock and how he's doing. Congrats on being home.

  6. hoping for an update!

  7. Krista - your little guy is sooooo cute!!! What great airport pictures you had. Our little Joseph was a total basket case, crying, kicking.....wish it was better for him and is better now, Thanks be to God! Jill Schenk


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