November 24, 2011


Today is Thanksgiving.
I have so much to be thankful for.
When I try to stop and think about it, my heart literally feels like it swells and my eyes tear up.
This has been a year of God showing us just how faithful, loving and gracious he is.
It's been a year that we have been in a unique position to see just how loved we are by friends.
And a year of tremendous blessing.

I am thankful. I'm thankful for friends like Andrew and Michell Hunt, who wrote us our very first check towards our adoption. We were not close friends at the time, but there was a sense that we would be. We are now like family.

I'm thankful for friends like Nason and Hayley Hengst. The are some of our very best friends in the whole world. Hayley hate's the phrase "walk through life together" but that's what we do. Nason and Hayley have walked so closely through this process with us. They donated towards and helped raise almost a good bit of money. There were moments in this process I thought they might be more excited about our adoption than we even were. : )

I'm thankful for other friends like the LoSurdo's, the Seiberts, the Hemphills, the Franklins and many more like them who all gave so generously and at such perfect times. I am sure they had no idea just how God was using them to meet immediate needs, but he was.

I'm thankful for the best Real Life Group ever! We have some amazing... amazing... people that we get to hang out with every week and call our friends.

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