January 9, 2013

New Direction

I am so excited to be blogging again.
After taking a few months off I have missed this space.
Through our adoption journey I grew to love each of you and how you walked through life with me.
It was such a blessing to hear from you as you began to share you life with me too.
I saw that form here.
And I loved it.

After we brought E home, God continued to wreck our hearts and turn our world upside down.
It was all so good, but so much.
You can catch a glimpse in this post here.
Although I wanted to process all of it here, it was just too much.

Well, now that 2012 is over and most of the change is complete, I look forward to sharing what God has done and what He continues to do.
It has been a wild ride... one that I'm sure is not over.
I have caught my breath, come up for air and am ready to catch all of you up.

Enock is doing so great.
Amazing really.
I can't wait to update you on him, his heart and his new role in our family.

We have added another kid to the mix!
On September 29th we welcomed Della Clementine to our family!
She is beautiful, laid back, the definition of sweet and she adores her big brothers.
It will be fun to share her firsts with you.

We have moved!
Technically we moved twice.
We now live in the city.
Like IN the city.
Can't wait to share more about why we moved here and what life looks like raising our kids in central Austin.

I have so much to share and a campaign I'm working on for this year.
I can't wait!
So take a minute to follow me with your reader or by email and join me on this journey!

I hope to learn more about each of you.
Hear your stories and connect over common threads.
Learn how to pray for you and be able to encourage one another.

Hang in there while this site is still under construction.
I will be adding things each week in hopes to have everything finished by February 1st.

So for now, enjoy your Wednesday!



  1. Hey Krista! So excited to hear about your adventures! I check in from time to time and you always seem to say just what I need to hear, crazy how that works! Have a great day friend!

    1. Thanks so much Amanda! Love hearing from you. Let me know if there is anything you are wanting to hear about since I've been MIA the past few months.

  2. The blog looks great, Krista! Changed the address in my Google Reader. ;) Looking forward to catching up with the Boxes!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I feel like it's been forever since we've seen you guys! I was sad to miss B's wedding. Hope to catch up soon!


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