January 11, 2013

when you need to hear the gospel

I've been trying to have  "morning meetings" with my boys each day.
One of my goals this year is to memorize God's word with my kids.
This week, our verse is Mark 16:15.

"Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone."

As I've been explaining what the "good news" is to them, we have been talking about the gospel a lot.
It's been so so good.
But as I was coloring with them yesterday morning, and drawing a gospel illustration, I have to admit I thought it was mostly for them.
I wanted them to understand that Jesus is their rescuer.
That it is their sin that he died for and their hearts he has redeemed.

Later that day, I found myself standing in the rain, trying to get the kids in the car with a screaming baby.
Camp wasn't in the best mood either and tried to close the car door to keep me from buckling him up.
Frustrated by the screaming baby, defiant son and pouring rain, I snapped at him.
I pulled the door open and out of his hands.
I showed my frustration.
And it was more that his gentle heart could handle.
He immediately began to cry.

My heart was ugly and his heart was broken.

As I saw his eyes well up with tears, my heart was convicted.
I stopped what I was doing,
knelt down in the rain,
and apologized.

I reminded him of the gospel illustration I had drawn earlier that morning.
I told him I am not perfect and that I do things that make God sad.
And that it is because of my sin that Jesus had to rescue me.
I asked him to forgive me. And he did.
After he forgave me he said "mamma, I'm so sorry for all of my sins too."


You know those times when you think you are teaching your children something, and it turns out the lesson is just as much for you?

So humbling.

Jesus, thank you for deciding my ugly heart, a heart that would grow frustrated with a child, was worth rescuing. And thank you, thank you so so much for allowing me to be the mamma of these three kids.

Have you reminded yourself of the gospel lately?


  1. Awesome, Krista! Your "in the moment" gospel discussion reminds me of the book we're reading w/ our LifeGroup called, "Give Them Grace." Have you heard of that one? We've only just started it, but your conversation sounds like it could have come straight from those pages! :)

  2. Thanks so much Sarah. I love that you are reading that book. It is on my "to read" list but I have a couple of books ahead of it. I'd love to hear more about it! Thanks for the encouragement friend!

  3. What a wonderful reminder! Thanks for sharing. And I love the new look!

    1. Thanks so much friend! That means a lot. It is easy to just feel like I fail over and over at this mom thing. I love it when you share your failures (and success) only to find that every mom feels the same way.

  4. Krista, I'm so glad your mom shared your blog on fb! Love your writing. I can relate!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I appreciate you reading it. And I love that you can relate. So good to have a community of moms. Have a great day!


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