January 8, 2012


I realize that we have a bit of catching up to do.
We are so thankful that many of you were not only following our journey,
but praying for us along the way.

So, since you guys are heavily (and prayerfully) invested in our boys,
I thought I would let you know how they are doing.
You know... more than "Enock is adjusting a great and Camp is such a great big brother!"

Today am will update you on Camp and Wednesday I will write about Enock.


I hardly know where to begin when people ask me how Camp is doing.
I have always known that he is a great kid, but I have been so amazed at how he has handled this huge transition.

Before we left for Uganda, Camp's heart was so prepared to go get his brother.
We had been praying for "Baby U" for months before we got a picture and learned that his name was Enock.

I still remember getting the call with our referral.
Camp and I were at the park when I received the call.
We immediately drove to Jake's office to tell him and to look at pictures E on the computer.
Tears came rolling down my cheeks as Camp pointed to his brother's picture and said "That Baby U? His name Enock? That's my brother! I want to play with him!"
He was so excited to finally see his face.
I got to see his heart long for his brother during the days and weeks we waited to fly out.

I will never forget our first meeting with Enock.
He was terrified not knowing what was going on.
And again, tears filled my eyes as Camp fell right into his role as a big brother and tried to cheer E up by singing "You've Got a Friend in Me".
For those of you without kids who are obsessed with Toy Story, here are some of the words to that song...

"You've got a friend in me,
you've got a friend in me.
When the road is rough ahead
and you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed,
just remember what your old pal said,
cause you've got a friend in me."

How fitting is that?
This wasn't just a random song for Camp.
He still sings it to his brother during difficult transition times.
He knows the words and sees that they are fitting.
It is his way to love his brother through a hard time.
And I love that.

Once we got home, I wondered how hard it would be for Camp to be faced with the reality of sharing everything that was once only his.
I watched for signs of competition and jealousy but only got to learn more about what kind of a kid he really is.

Since we have been back, Camp has become such a great big brother.
He loves sharing his room with Enock.
He frequently will give his brother a hug or hold his hand.
He is Enock's biggest fan.
I hear Camp praising him all the time when E chooses to obey, learns a new English word or phrase, or accomplishes something difficult.
He says stuff like...
"Good job Enock!"
"I proud of you E!"
"Look mommy! Enock is obeying!"
and one of my personal favorites... "Enock, you a goofball." : )

Camp is growing up so fast, and I love getting to see the kid he is becoming.
He turned 3 on November 28th.
I can hardly believe it.
Really... what happened to two?
He loves his friends, his brother, his family, buzz lightyear and his dog Piper.
He loves to be funny and often makes silly faces to make you laugh.
His new favorite word is "actually". In context it looks like this...

Me: "Camp, could you come here for a second?"
Camp: "No Mommy, actually I'm Buzz Lightyear."

Love that kid!

Camp was created to have a brother.
Something in him just seems more fulfilled having E home with us.
There have been hard times, but most could be chalked up to just being siblings.
Even with the times that they get frustrated with each other or just need some space,
they miss each other when the other is gone and want to make sure the other one isn't missing out on fun things.

My sweet baby is growing up so fast.
Something in this mamma's heart aches to see just how fast.
But there is also something in my heart that swells with pride to see what kind of kid Camp is growing up to be.

Camp Daylin Box... I am so proud to be your mom and so blessed to get to spend my days with you. I love you sweet boy!


  1. Great update! So glad to hear he is doing so well.

  2. So I pretty much cried through the whole post (pregnant? I think so), but despite my overly emotional reaction, I'm so excited how God has worked in Camp's little heart! He created him so perfectly for your family and what he has called you to!

  3. this is awesome. and doesn't surprise me at all...because you're his mama.


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