January 13, 2012


Well, it's that time again!
Here are some highlights from our week!

Enock and Camp were WAY overdue a haircut.
We go to a place here called Pigtails and Crewcuts.
They are amazing.
I had one kid sitting in an airplane getting a haircut,
while the other kid played at the train table.
Pure bliss.

It has been much colder in Austin this week.
So we busted out the finger paint!
This was the first time that E didn't try to eat it. : )
In his defense, we are sitting at the table and the paint is on a plate.

On Wednesday their friend Noah came over to play.
Both of my boys LOVE their good friend Noah.
This picture cracks me up.
They really were having fun, but Camp looks a little scared at the moment.

Ok, so I know this picture isn't great,
but I was running low on instagram pics from the week.
You can't really tell, but this is a "tour bus".
You know... one of those rides you put a quarter in.
They have them at the mall and we had gone there to play at the indoor (free) playground
and to eat Chick Fil A.
It was a sweet morning with the boys.

The boys received new coats from their Mimi and have hardly taken them off.
I realized this is probably E's first coat and he adores it!
He wants to put it on as soon as he wakes up and wear it all. day. long.
He was mad at me in the picture because I wouldn't let him fall asleep in the car. : )
Can't say I blame him much.
He looks pretty cozy!

And today my friends has been a terrible day.
One of those days that starts off on a bad foot and by the end of the day, you are laughing at just how bad your day has been.
Well, this is a picture of the things helping this day seem a bit sweeter.
(These things and my friend Erin who dropped by and is not in the picture.)

1.Starbucks coffee (free with a giftcard... even better)
2. My I Heart Uganda cup warmer given to me by my sweet friend Lindsey and made by my precious friend Renee.
3. Warm chocolate chip cookes.
4. And my Star Arm Warmers. Seriously... everyone needs a pair. I take them everywhere and even sport them around the house when it's cold. Love. them.

As for my day?
Let's just say that it started when my boys Bunny Clock woke up over an hour early, and somewhere in the middle there was my first jury duty summons, spilled drinks and food and a ticket for an inspection sticker that is 2 weeks expired.
Those are the highlights.

I hope you guys have some fun memories from your week!
I am looking forward to my next few post.
Expect Monday's post to go live later that evening.
We will be out of town and most likely without internet this weekend.
Jake is teaching at a high school retreat and the boys and I are tagging along!

Have a great weekend!

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