January 19, 2012


I've found myself dealing with worry this week.
Not the kind of worry that is overwhelming.
The kind that is subtle.
The kind that sneaks up in your thoughts about many different topics...
change, money, parenting, work...

I wouldn't describe myself as someone who is a "worrier".
I think many things in my past have taught me that it is fruitless.
But still... it sneaks up from time to time.

I've been worrying about how to mother two boys... one of those being adopted.
Even though we have only added one child to our family I feel as though I am having to rethink so much of how I parent.
Maybe it's the added child or maybe it's just the age my boys are at.

I want to help them grow, thrive, learn and be who God has created them to be.
It's been harder finding the balance lately of
... not stifling how God created them uniquely boy, but keeping them under control
... quality time with me, brother time (time for them to learn to play together and by themselves) and time out with friends or running errands
... being silly with them and speaking words of character to them

I feel as though I am having to learn all over again how to balance the many jobs of a mom.

And then God spoke to me....

"Krista, don't worry about anything; instead, pray to me about everything. Tell me what you need and thank me for all I have done. Then, you will experience my peace, which I promise will exceed anything you can understand. My peace will guard your heart and mind as you live in me." Philipians 4:6-7 (KBV Krista Box Version)

Isn't it sweet when God does that?
It helps me understand in Zephaniah 3:17 when he says he will "quiet you with his love".

So, I have been working on capturing my thoughts this week.
Instead of worrying about if I'm parenting my boys well I am praying.
A lot.
And thanking God for all he has done.

What has God been saying to you lately?


  1. this is good krista. i've been praying a lot about worry lately as well. i have probably said that verse aloud this week 100 times.

  2. Thanks so much friend! You are so encouraging! And yes, you are not alone. I too have been saying this verse aloud a ton lately. Thanks for posting a comment!I love hearing from you!


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