January 20, 2012


It's instafriday again...
Here are some pictures from our week!

Over MLK weekend Jake spoke at a youth retreat and we tagged along.
The retreat was at Frontier Camp which happens to be one of my favorite places on earth.
I spent many, many summers there as a Camp Counselor and it was so much fun to take my boys there for the first time.

Although MY Camp was really confused about the whole thing. He kept thinking that "Frontier Camp" was the name of a new friend he was going to meet. : ) It was pretty funny.

(Side note: this picture was not taken at FC. The only pictures we have from the retreat are on Jake's phone.)

On Monday, we left the retreat and drove through College Station (another favorite place) to eat at Layne's and walk around campus. Camp and E loved climbing the Century Tree.

Me and my Love under the Century Tree. {sigh} He's the best.

On Wednesday, my amazing friend Hayley watched my boys for a few hours so I could get some planning done. It was much needed. I still feel so disorganized and out of rhythm since we've been back.

I was able to go spend 3 beautiful hours at Dolce Vita drinking an iced coffee and eating these delicous Nutella & Strawberry Mini Waffles. Yum. As you can see I couldn't resist taking a bite before I took this picture.

The weather has been great here in Austin! High 60's-low 70's. The boys have been playing in the backyard a ton and getting them to pick up before we go inside has been a challenge. I stole this nifty idea off of Pinterest and it worked like a charm! They were literally running to pick up all of their cars and trains from the yard.

I have been working hard to get up at 6am every morning. Why??? Because I've been so convicted about how I greet my boys in the morning. Getting up at 6am allows me to have much needed time with Jesus first thing, get ready for the day (even if that is just work out clothes) and think through my day all before my boys get out of bed. To say this has been hard would be an understatement. BUT this morning I was surprised with a Grande Starbucks Zebra Mocha from my incredible husband. It. was. amazing.

Sweet E. This poor boy had a full day of doctors today. Lot's of blood work, x-rays and such. We were there from 10:30 to 2:30. He was such a trooper. As long as there wasn't a needle involved he was about this happy. He was really excited about the "big camera" that was going to take pictures of him. : )

So that's our week! I hope each of you has a great weekend making fun memories with your family! If you get a chance, write me a comment and tell me one highlight from your week!

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